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Rance Greene

Leading with stories comes easy for some people. Rance Greene formed needastory.com for those who struggle with storytelling at work. His methodology—Story Design—gives leaders and talent development professionals a systematic and creative way for discovering who their audience is and how to persuade them to take action on new ideas. He’s helped leadership teams, entrepreneurs and instructional designers discover that they are uniquely equipped to tell the best story for their audiences. Rance is the author of Instructional Story Design, a practical guide for developing stories that train. He coaches, teaches, speaks and writes often on the benefits of stories to connect humans to one another

In Rance's session at ATD-MAC's virtual conference, you will discover how to unearth stories during analysis, design relatable characters and strong conflict, and produce stories that easily translate to digital platforms!

Hear from Rance on Learning Through Storytelling!

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