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Making The Right Financial Pitch to Your Bosses

Wednesday, June 03, 2020 8:18 AM | Jan Szmanda

By: Derrick Van Mell 

When making the financial case for T&D, many of us use numbers when we should use reason, and reason when we should use numbers—and then wonder why we just got kicked out of the CFO’s office.

The CFO has seen every pitch there is, and if you take the wrong tack, they’ll toss your “ROI” argument at a glance. A hint: it’s not really about what’s in your spreadsheet.

It hurts when you’ve heard the CEO say, “people are our biggest asset,” but won’t really invest.  You suspect they mean, “people are our biggest liability.” It can make the T&D team feel they’re not valuable, and it’s frustrating because investing in people does provide the best return.

Yes, it’s challenging to make the financial case for an intangible like T&D, but executives decide about intangibles every single day: hiring a person, approving a webpage, projecting market share, creating a new org chart or quality target. What can we learn from those financial cases?

On June 24th at 10:00 -11:00 a.m. (Central), ATD-MAC is hosting a Zoom workshop led by two MBAs, member Derrick Van Mell and a special guest, Tom Oakley, who’s been CEO, COO and VP of Finance. They’re going to reveal the secrets about how CFOs actually think about these decisions.  A few key ideas are a) understand what relevant KPIs the CEO tracks, b) how to use stories as proofs, and c) when research and quantification will and will not work.

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