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Employee Training Specialist - UW Madison Office of Human Resources

  • Wednesday, August 29, 2018 9:20 AM
    Message # 6644310
    Jennifer Stangl (Administrator)

    UW-Madison Office of Human Resources                    Learning & Talent Development                      Employee Training Specialist


    High school diploma

    At least 2 years of experience delivering training


    Bachelors degree in education, business or related field


    The position is located within Learning and Talent Development (LTD) in the Office of Talent Development in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) at UW-Madison, and reports to the Director of Learning and Talent Development. The Learning and Talent Development group serves a central interface point with the campus community to deliver professional development and learning opportunities and to create a high quality workforce prepared to address the challenges of the 21st century in an educational environment.

    This position manages training projects, coordinates and teaches learning courses within LTD, which focuses on building a healthy, inclusive and engaging work environment. Creates and delivers professional development/educational workshops across a variety of topics to University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty and staff. Facilitates and coordinates collaborative design team structure to create, develop, and implement online workshops, course and sustained learning communities focused on emerging individual and organizational needs as well as creating and implementing new and emerging educational events as the need arises. Communicates regularly with internal and external groups. Additional assignments may be assigned based on departmental needs. ·

    UW-Madison has over 35,000 faculty and staff located in 32 colleges, school, and divisions. Employees' functions span most occupational areas with backgrounds covering the full spectrum. This position is integral in supporting human resource programs that allow the university to attract, hire, and retain talent in all positions.

    This position is a 1-year project appointment.


    40% A      Act as a master trainer to deliver professional development content in already designed programs for staff and faculty

    A1. Demonstrate teaching skills by delivering training to UW-Madison employees A2. Deliver participant-centered instruction based on the course design

    A3. Collaborate with training designer and/ or Subject Matter Expert to ensure delivery of content is in alignment with program goals

    A4. Facilitate meetings, retreats, and other program development activities for specific unit on campus that support professional development

    A5. Conduct a needs assessment/analysis and design/develop tools and processes to support reporting of organizational strengths and gaps in competencies

    35% B Utilize a variety of pedagogies, and teaching techniques and tools to deliver professional development content to adult learners in a complex and diverse higher education environment

    B1. Present information using a variety of instructional techniques or formats (such as role playing, simulation, team exercises, group discussion, videos, or lectures)

    B2. Create a classroom environment that is respectful of diversity and demonstrates a commitment to inclusion

    B3. Create engaging learning spaces for employees at all levels of the organization, from individual contributor to senior managers

    B5. Remain current on developments in the teaching field so that instruction is delivered for a variety of learning styles, uses the latest supportive technology and utilizes alternative delivery methods.

    15% C      Complete administrative tasks associated with classes

    B1. Manage all program materials and logistics before, during and following event

    B2. Communicate with UW-Madison employees about training expectations,prerequisites and logistics B3. Keep accurate employee training records in the Learning Management System

    5% D      Models a commitment to respect, diversity,and workplace civility C1. Promotes respect and the practice of civility in the workplace

    C2. Promotes diversity of gender, ethnicity, race, ability, religion,sexual orientation, age, culture, position, job function, and years of service as crucial components in the pursuit of excellence

    C3. Considers the impact of words and actions before acting

    C4. Monitors personal verbal and non-verbal behaviors as displayed to others and models positive messages in all communications

    C5. Responds to interactions and situations with appropriate balance of passion and emotion

    C6. Views difficult situations from a broader perspectiveand assigns the appropriate importance to isolated experiences 5% E  Demonstrates a commitment to engagement and organizational success

    D1. Lead/initiate improvements in the pursuit of employee engagement and the development of the OHR climate and culture

    D2. Exhibit a commitment to continuous quality and process improvement D3. Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to change

    D4. Demonstrate commitment to customer orientation and excellence through professional actions and behaviors D5. Lead/initiate improvements in area of responsibility

    D6. Maintain collaborative relationships with Office of Human Resources colleagues and stakeholders Perform other duties as required.


    • 1.                    Learning Systems - Applies knowledge of learning principles and practices to develop a system of learning for professional development
    • 2.                     Competency-Based Learning - Develops and delivers educational events driven by competencies
    • 3.                     Learning Technology - Identifies, selects, adapts and applies a variety of learning technologies to meet the needs of learners
    • 4.                     Engaged Learners - Delivers curriculum in a learner-centered, engaging manner to others
    • 5.                     Program Evaluation - Evaluates impact of learning at both organizational and individual roles to inform decision making
    • 6.                    Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity - Understands and articulates the characteristics  of, and strategies to, foster    an engaged and inclusive work environment
    • 7.                    Communication - Understands and appreciates that clearly expressing verbal, nonverbal, and written ideas, information, and feelings is critical to relationship building
    • 8.                    Collaboration - Develops cooperation and teamwork while participating in a group, working toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties
    • 9.                    Problem Solving - Applies a logical approach to address problems or opportunities or manage situations by drawing on knowledge and experience to evaluate options and implement s o l u t i o n s
    • 10.              Managing Change - Initiates and/or manages the change process and energizes it on an ongoing basis, taking steps to remove barriers or accelerate its pace
    • 11.              Results Driven - Demonstrates concern for achieving and surpassing results against an internal or external standard of excellence including showing passion for improving service delivery with a commitment to continuous improvement
    • 12.              Ethics and Integrity - Earns the trust and respect of others through consistent honesty and professionalism in all interactions


    • ·         Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, Power Point, and Excel
    • ·         Must be eligible to work in the US (UW-Madison cannot sponsor this position)
    • ·         Ability to periodically deliver classes to 2nd and 3rd shift employees (approximately 2-4 times per year)
    • ·         Ability to stand and facilitate training for up to 4 hours per day


    • ·         Knowledge and experience facilitating workplace skills and/ or supervisory training

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