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Event Highlights: The One Person Show versus the Group: Getting a Tool Kit to Help You Be a Better Trainer

Friday, April 26, 2019 5:30 PM | Kevin Smith

Event Highlights: The One Person Show versus the Group: Getting a Tool Kit to Help You Be a Better Trainer

By Caleb DeWitt

On Thursday, April 18th, ATD-MAC hosted over 30 participants to explore industry trends in L&D, and develop a toolkit of best practices and L&D resources. Thanks to Zendesk Madison for hosting!


Our diversity is our superpower. Your peers offer a broad range of experience and expertise - tap in! You never have to go at it alone.


Co-VP of Professional Development, Ryan Panzer, delved into this year’s theme, “Focus on You,” by leading an interactive exploration of your survey responses, and a discussion on how they compare to ATD’s 2018 State of the Industry Report. Here are a few key findings:

  • ATD-MAC plays host to an incredibly diverse community of L&D professionals, ranging from sole proprietorships and consultancies to large businesses, working alone, or in a team, we’re all represented here. Nearly half of us describe ourselves as a jack of all trades. Other significant portions of our membership also identify as facilitators, managers, or directors.

  • The L&D industry is seeing growth in both training expenditures and hours of training delivered per employee. For ATD-MAC survey respondents, there is a near-even split between training hours increasing and training hours stagnating.

  • On average, ATD-MAC survey respondents rely more on in-person training than the industry average of around 50% in-person, 50% remote.  

Participants test their knowledge with Kahoot!

Have you ever thought, There are an amazing and overwhelmingly large amount of tools out on the web. How do you know which ones to use? Andrea Meade, Co-VP of Professional Development, has answers - and so do you! Andrea shared an incredible toolkit of resources that brought participants to the forefront, sharing resources, experiences, and challenging ideas. Here are a few key points from the conversation:

Putting it all together.

And then the magic happened! Participants formed teams to address challenges presented in case studies. Knowledge became action, peers became collaborators, and experience and expertise were shared and multiplied. That’s the power of the “Focus on You!” Each of us carries an immense repository of experience and expertise and, when we put our minds together, the possibilities are endless.

See you next time, keep in touch!

The connection and growth won’t stop here! See our 2019 calendar below and check out our events page to RSVP ASAP! Keep in touch via email or through social media - we’d love to hear from you!

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